Saint Joseph College Seminary




Saint Joseph College Seminary follows the Program of Priestly Formation and operates in affiliation with Loyola University Chicago. Seminarians work towards a a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and are free to minor in the area of their choice.  Saint Joseph College Seminarians earn 120 credit hours for graduation; all degrees are awarded by Loyola University Chicago.



All philosophy majors must take at least 11 courses in the department.  Saint Joseph College Seminarians take four courses that deal with the history of philosophy—ancient, medieval, classical modern, and contemporary—in addition to several systematic courses in areas such as metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of nature, ethics and logic.  Seminarians are also required to take a capstone course during their senior year which allows them to integrate their philosophical knowledge.



Saint Joseph College Seminary does not require the pursuit of a minor, but most seminarians take the option. Common minors include Catholic Studies, Theology, and Psychology.  Minors are typically selected from areas of study in the College of Arts & Sciences.

For those interested, the “Communication for the New Evangelization” minor was created especially for Saint Joseph College Seminary by the Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication.



Saint Joseph College Seminarians take the majority of their courses on Loyola University Chicago’s Lakeshore Campus. Several of courses which are specific to the seminary program are taken “in-house” at Saint Joseph College Seminary, and accredited by Loyola.