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Last night was the seminary's annual pumpkin carving contest, where each floor is pitted against each other to see who can carve the season's best pumpkins. Winning floor gets a trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Each floor is given two pumpkins to carve, but this year each floor gets a large and a small pumpkin instead of 2 similar sized pumpkins as in previous years.

The 3rd floor St. Francis Cam, last year's winner, went straight to work and were looking to honor Cardinal-Designate Cupich in their pumpkin. The 2nd floor St. John Vianney Cam, hoping to reclaim the title, were going with a Cubs World Series theme.  And finally, the 4th floor Mother Cabrini Cam just wanted to end their 3 year drought.

After 40 minutes of carving, dessert, fellowship and watching the Munsters, each floor presented their pumpkins for the priests to judge:

The 2nd floor present a Cubs logo and a dragon. The 3rd floor proudly displayed their Popekin. And finally the 4th floor present an impressive display of gourd hoping to squash it's smaller counterpart.

The priests took little time to crown the champion as one pumpkin stood out from all the rest. It was the 4th floor artistic skill and creativity that secured the win and ended their 3 year drought. They were crowned champion with great jubilation! 

Congratulations to the 4th floor Mother Cabrini Cam!