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You’re Not the Only One Thinking About It

A lot of people don’t realize it, but right now we have just over 60 guys from parishes and families throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago who have been named Quigley Scholars. 

They attend both public and Catholic high schools, come from a diversity of neighborhoods, and have one thing in common:  they’re interested in learning more about the priesthood.

The Quigley Scholars Program was created by Cardinal George back in 2007.  He wanted to make sure that young people who felt that God may be inviting them to become a priest had a place to help support them.

So, once a month between September and April we come together with seminarians to pray, attend Mass, have dinner and participate in a one-hour faith sharing session.

Because this desire that God places within us to think about priesthood doesn’t happen to a lot of people, it can seem like we are the only ones going through it.  But we’re not.  The Quigley Scholars are able to see that there are a lot of other guys like themselves and that it’s more normal than they think.  Plus, they discover that God is calling guys like themselves.

Not everyone who becomes a Quigley Scholar ends up pursing priesthood.  But some do.  The program gives them the opportunity to see if it could be for them.

So, if you’re in high school and have been realizing that God is inviting you to consider the priesthood, the Quigley Scholars Program can help. 

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