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Seminarians on Voting in Their First Presidential Election

It's Election Day and for a lot of our seminarians, they are voting in their first presidential election.  Politics aside, we went around and asked our seminarians how it felt voting in this election versus local and gubernatorial elections.


Matijevic, Andrew.JPG

"[It was] nice to exercise the right that people have fought [for]," said senior Andy Matijevic. Though Andy, like the rest of the seminarians, wasn't too thrilled with the options, he found it important that through his vote he will be expressing the "values of the country" for the next four years.




I never really thought about having the power of who gets to be the next president.
— Zel Salazar


Kevin Tanel, sophomore for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, felt more relaxed.  Though the presidential election is a big deal, local elections affect more of his life. Kevin does admit it did feel weird because this is his first time voting in any election. "I did my civic duty, the end."





"[Voting was] not that exciting," joked Wally Ferrara, senior from the Diocese of Kalamazoo, because I mailed [my absentee ballot] in." Wally did add that it was fun being able to look up all the candidates at his leisure in the comfort of his dorm room.






"I didn't want to vote,"  Zel, sophomore for the Archdiocese of Chicago,candidly said, but he did his civic duty.  It was "surreal" and "empowering" because "even though you don't know the end result [when you cast your ballot], you know your vote will count."