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St. Nicholas White Elephant Gift Exchange

Last night, Saint Joseph College Seminary had the honor of St. Nicholas (Adam Gonzalez, Chicago '16) visiting the seminary for the annual white elephant gift exchange.  

Those who wanted to participate in the exchange were asked to purchase a $20 present. Each person picked a random number and during their turn, could open a present or steal a present that was already opened.  Upon the third steal, that present is considered "locked" to the person who last stole it.

There was much laughter and joy during the white elephant gift exchange.  From the most random gifts to few shocking steals, there was plenty of great presents go around.

Gaming headphones, Nerf guns, and gift cards were hot items this year.  Doritos & toilet paper were definitely among the most obscure.  However, the funniest gift this year was what Joe Hinderer snagged (see below).

Once all the gifts have been traded and opened, it is customary for the current St. Nicholas to pick his successor from the junior class.  Congratulations to Jeevan on his appointment as the 2017 St. Nicholas!