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Invitations: What Are You Looking For?

In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, we read how Andrew and John are literally walking behind Jesus.  They just heard from John the Baptist that he’s the Lamb of God and it propels them to encounter him.

When Jesus turns around, he asks them a question (one that he asks us, too): “What are you looking for?”

What’s interesting is that Andrew and John don’t directly answer the question.  Instead, they ask the rabbi—the teacher—where he’s staying.  That’s when Jesus tells them to come and see.

In order to know what they’re looking for, Andrew and John needed time with the Teacher.  They needed time to watch him, to study, to learn about scripture and relationships, to witness and participate in the power of faith and miracles, and to live in a community with others focused on the same goals.  And in spending this time with the Teacher, they learned more about themselves and how they were meant to follow him.  

In other words, in coming to see where Jesus lived—to become his apprentices—they learned to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  They discovered the vocation God was inviting them into.

The seminary is a place that allows for this time of discovery.  It’s a place where men encounter Jesus Christ by following him intentionally.  It’s a time to stay with him and learn about what it means to follow him, possibly one day as a priest.

Through serving others, through feedback and reflection, in learning about the Church and the world God created, by growing deeper in the spiritual life, and living in a community with other guys who are looking for the same things, the vocation God wills for us can be discovered.

The seminary is a place to understand what we’re looking for.  It’s a response to the invitation to come and see.