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Advice From the Father: Pope Francis to Seminarians

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Pope Francis often visits seminarians around the world to shed light on the road to priesthood. He guides how seminarians should strive to be. Some of his best lessons have shaped the way Catholic priests conduct themselves and have impacted congregations all over the world. He tells seminarians to shy away from narcissism, to have a better relationship with the Virgin Mary and highlights the importance of being humble. Here we share some of the most relevant and recent guidance he’s given while speaking to seminarians.

“Whatever your academic specialty, your first concern always remains to grow on the path of priestly consecration, through the loving experience of God: a close and faithful God, as Blessed Francisco and Jacinta and the Servant of God Lucia felt him.” (Pope Francis is referring to the three shepherd children of Fatima to whom the Blessed Mother appeared in 1917.)
-Pope Francis, May 2017

"I'm telling you this as a brother, father and friend. Please, shun ecclesial careerism. It is a plague. Avoid not forget this -- the devil always comes in through the pocket, always…[you must] generously and willingly renounce the superfluous in order to be near the poor and weak.”
-Pope Francis, April 2017

“If tomorrow you will be priests who live in the midst of the holy people of God, begin today to be young people who know how to be with everyone, who can learn something from every person you meet, with humility and intelligence.”
-Pope Francis, December 2016

“It is a relationship with Our Lady that helps us to have a good relationship with the Church because both are Mothers. Through Mary, you can receive the embrace of Jesus, her son, and having a strong friendship with Jesus, you can learn to love each person with the measure of the Heart of Christ. To lack a relationship with Mary is to be like an orphan of the heart. For a priest to forget his Mother, especially in difficult times, is a very grave absence.”
-Pope Francis, May 2017