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A Seminarian’s Lifestyle: Running the Chicago Marathon


Marathon running is an arduous bucket list item for serious runners. It takes perseverance, rigorous training and great physical capability. Some do it for personal accomplishment, others run for fun, charity or any number of reasons. St. Joseph College Seminary is blessed to have an opportunity to participate in positive community events around the City of Chicago and the Chicago Marathon was no exception. A few of our seminarians ran -- here’s what one of them had to say:

   “I ran track and cross country in high school, so I did have some running experience going into marathon training. It was tough to get up at o’Dark thirty for a run before morning prayer and mass, but after a while, running became a prayer. I would find myself on a long run praying a rosary or offering up my pain and sore legs for a family member battling cancer. I also ran the Chicago Marathon on behalf of a parish to help them raise money for their community outreach program.
     The marathon was a tough run physically, but an enjoyable one. I had a great time running through the various neighborhoods and seeing the amount of people who came out to cheer for us. It helped a lot to keep me focused on finishing the race. Raphael Roxas, a seminarian in his sophomore year at St. Joseph College Seminary studying for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, was my running partner. We stayed together through the pain we both experienced throughout the race and once it came to mile 23 we both decided that we had to give it everything we've got to finish. I finished the marathon in 5 hours 8 minutes and 27 seconds. This was my first time running a marathon, I was just glad to have finished, but I’ll be shooting for under 5 hours the next year. Overall, I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to run the 2017 Chicago Marathon. All for the greater glory of God!”

-Micah Ventura, 3rd year seminarian, St. Joseph College Seminary