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Why Come to St. Joseph College Seminary?


If you feel God’s path for you is leading you to priesthood and seminary, it’s of utmost importance to choose the institution that can best help you discern His call. At St. Joseph College Seminary we provide the community and environment you need to accomplish this, and more. We asked some of our seminarians why they came to St. Joseph:

“I came here to strengthen my belief in the call to the priesthood -- and at the same time, the community here is truly wonderful. I call each and every one of my fellow seminarians ‘brother.’ The structure of our life here allows certain liberties as students at Loyola University Chicago, which allows for a deeper discernment. And yet, it’s not so much to the point that we never have time to go see a movie, play games, or be involved with various campus ministries. It enables us to get the most out of being in the seminary AND on a college campus.”
-Joe Hinderer

“I came here to be a better priest to the community. If you want to become one then you need to live like one. St. Joseph gives that opportunity.”
-Ashwin Kumar

“A lot of seminaries are located out in the country -- which is great for discernment in terms of silence and peace -- but what we’re able to accomplish here is to get diverse perspective from many different backgrounds, both catholic and non-catholic because of the location at Loyola University and in the city of Chicago.”
-Matt Pajor

“To be here with the fellow guys on the same path. We help each other get to our ultimate goals. We help each other figure out what God is calling us to be.”
-Jose Sandoval