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Meet Walt Horn


St. Joseph College Seminary is pleased to welcome our new full-time Music Director, Walt Horn. We’re very blessed to have him on our staff.

Q: Where did your passion for music come from?

A: Growing up in Milwaukee, my four siblings and I were blessed with many opportunities to explore music. My participation in school and church choirs was coupled with frequent family sing-alongs and lessons on various musical instruments, including piano from one of the sisters at a local parish convent.

Q: How did you get into the music business?

A: My interest in music as a career began in high school where I was inspired by a superb choral director/parish musician who became my mentor and organ instructor. My role as student director of the high school band and choir further developed my interest in music education and sacred music. From there, the path was clear. After earning degrees in music education, conducting and vocal performance, I immersed myself in secondary music education and parish music ministry. When a position opened at the Lyric Opera, I auditioned and a career in performance and private voice instruction emerged concurrent with parish music ministry.

Q: What makes parish music special to you?

A: Parish music has always played a big part in my life: singing in church choirs, cantoring, accompanying liturgies, conducting, composing liturgical music, training fellow music ministers - it's all good! Having worked in many musical genres, I find church music to be the most fulfilling, because I feel it has the highest calling. It is art in service to our creator, our redeemer and the faithful.

Q: Why did you come to St. Joseph College Seminary?

A: My initial role at St. Joseph College Seminary was that of interim music director. I quickly found that my liturgical and educational role here allowed me to apply forty years of experience as a parish musician, teacher and performer in a truly wonderful, religious community. By God's providence, I was offered the position on a permanent basis, and I gladly accepted.

Q: What makes St. Joseph College Seminary special?

A: Unlike most parishes and schools where I have served, St. Joseph College Seminary is unique in its size, its mission and its comradery. Working with the seminary's talented and dedicated team of formation directors and other staff members is a privilege and an honor. Moreover, I find that providing liturgical music and instruction to such fine young men during their priestly formation and preparation inspires me daily and gives me great joy. As Peter said, "It is good, Lord to be here!" (Luke 9:33)