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200-ish Miles in the Desert

Dory says it best. Just keep swimming.  📷  @zeltells

Dory says it best. Just keep swimming. 📷 @zeltells

My spring break this year was probably one of the least glamorous, yet it turned out to be one of the most rewarding of all.  I participated, as part of a team of twelve runners, in a two-day running race. On Wednesday, March 8, I took a plane from Chicago to Phoenix for a running race that started from Wickenburg, Arizona and finished in Fountain Hills, which is roughly 190 miles in total. Running through the Sonoran desert is probably considered crazy by many people, but accomplishing a nearly 200 miles race is less arduous than it might seem; especially if you have teammates to help you. Running in 90-degree weather on the road in a desert was a breeze when you had your team in a van encouraging you every step of the way.

One thing I will never forget from this trip is my teammates. I made lifelong friends that share the same passion for pushing limits. Most of the time we spent together was filled with laughter, joy, and constant positivity. This race reminded me why I enjoy the running community. Regardless of who you are, or how slow or fast you run, there are always people cheering for you to reach that finish line. Crossing that finish line is much more magical when you can share the moment with companions who never gave up on you. I will forever remember this race. It will remind me to hold on to the gifts with which God has blessed me, and to persevere, especially through the tough moments that life may bring. 

Photos by Zel Salazar.