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A Heart Like Saint Joseph is Something Worth Imitating

On Monday, we celebrated the solemnity of Saint Joseph, foster father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and patron of the seminary.  It's always a joyous occasion here at the seminary on our patron feast day. We invite priests who have played a role in our seminarians' vocation to join us and celebrate over mass and a meal.

Fr. Mark Augustine was the main celebrant.  During his homily, inflection of the Gospel reading of the day, said,

There may be many times Joseph did not understand the scope of God’s plan in his life, which is a common trait for many of us, but he trusted fully. He responded to the angel’s promptings with humility and docility, both are admirable and necessary virtues when trying to grow in a life of holiness. Joseph awoke from his dreams and assumed the role of guardian of the Church. You see it was not simply his family that he took into the desert, no, it was something of infinite more value. By taking Jesus and Mary into the desert, Joseph brought the entire Church into the desert.

By bringing the Savior and the first, and only, disciple at this point into the desert St. Joseph sought to protect the entire Church from attack and assault. He wanted to protect and guard those which were most valuable to our heavenly father. Joseph took the family under his mantle in order to provide – not just for his family, but the family of the Church as well. It was a selfless act, yet one which enabled the Church to grow and flourish. Having a heart like Saint Joseph is something worth imitating. It is something worth praying to God and asking to receive such a gift. That is for all of us who seek Saint Joseph as a patron. It is a challenge and a difficult path, but it is one that we have been called to tread upon.

Gathering together to celebrate the feast of our patron, Saint Joseph, we are reminded the immeasurable importance that Joseph played in the life of the Church.  So we ask Saint Joseph to guide our seminarians, priests and everyone who look towards Saint Joseph as their patron.