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Alley-Oop: The 2018 Mundelein Basketball Tournament

Pictured above: the St. Joseph College Seminary basketball team

Pictured above: the St. Joseph College Seminary basketball team

Last month, our seminarians participated in the 18th Annual Father Pat O'Malley Basketball Tournament at Mundelein Seminary. Over the course of the weekend, sixteen seminaries from around the United States gathered to compete in the tournament. Two of the team members for St. Joseph College Seminary were Micah Ventura and Ashwin Kumar.

"All of the teams showed great sportsmanship toward their opponents and the tournament. We were also very excited to welcome a new team playing this year: St. John's Seminary from Boston. Overall the weekend was quite enjoyable even though we didn't get to take home the gold."
     -Ashwin Kumar

"This year's Mundelein Tournament was a lot of fun! It was encouraging to see so many guys from across the nation come together to compete and glorify God through basketball and community. Attending the tournament gave us an opportunity to make new friends from the various seminaries that participate in the wonderful event. Although we are not nearly as good at basketball as the other seminary teams are at this tournament, our team still came in with heart to enliven the spirit of vocation in each one of us."
     -Micah Ventura

You can see some of the pictures from the tournament below.

Congratulations to the winners: Saint Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary!