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The Initial Steps to Discovering Your Vocation as a Priest

Discerning your vocation is a long process of introspection and consultation with God. It is not an order or a command, but rather an invitation from God to discover His path for you. In order to properly discern your vocation, you must be humble, honest, prayerful, patient and courageous -- instant gratification is not part of the process.

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The Impact of Catholic Charities

Recently, we were blessed to have Rev. Monsignor Michael M. Boland, Administrator, President & CEO of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago as a guest speaker. He spoke strongly and passionately to our seminarians, sharing with them life lessons about the importance of community and how to create stronger ties through God and Catholic Charities.

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Top Misconceptions of Seminary

When a young man tells his family and friends that he’s considering seminary, he may find that they don’t fully appreciate what that means. There are many misunderstandings about what seminary is and what it entails. We would like to address a few of the common ones.

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A Brief History of St. Joseph College Seminary

Since 1994, we have been part of the Loyola University of Chicago community, nurturing the God-given talents of young men who wish to become priests and community leaders in the Catholic Church. We are blessed to be where we are now, and have had a long, ever-changing journey. Here is a brief history of our seminary.

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You are not the Church of the Future, You are the Church

On Oct 14 & 15, over 4,000 middle schoolers from Chicago and Joliet gathered at the UIC Pavilion for Holy Fire, the first event of its kind. This event was designed as a youth rally in partnership with NCYC, the National Catholic Youth Conference, an event held annually for high schoolers. 

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Seminary Appeal Weekend 2016 | Zel Salazar

The story that brought me here is not extraordinary. I would consider myself as a normal 19 year-old that is just as human as you are who is pursuing my vocation. Having a vocation is not just for holy men and women who have a devout, prayerful life. We all have a vocation. We are all called to holiness and are created to respond to the call God has for us. Yet It is up to us to willingly discover what that call may be. We can be called to holy marriage, holy orders, religious life, generous single life in Christ, or to be a diocesan priest. Understanding a vocation is anything but easy, yet it is rewarding.

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Seminary Appeal Weekend 2016 | Andy Matijevic

As I began my preparation for my First Holy Communion in 2003, I would find myself playing Mass in my room, with red kool-aid and ritz crackers. On the day of my First Holy Communion, I sat in prayer after receiving the Eucharist and I heard the voice of Jesus say to me: “Andy, I want you to be a priest, come and follow me.”

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