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Seminary Appeal Weekend 2016 | Zel Salazar

The story that brought me here is not extraordinary. I would consider myself as a normal 19 year-old that is just as human as you are who is pursuing my vocation. Having a vocation is not just for holy men and women who have a devout, prayerful life. We all have a vocation. We are all called to holiness and are created to respond to the call God has for us. Yet It is up to us to willingly discover what that call may be. We can be called to holy marriage, holy orders, religious life, generous single life in Christ, or to be a diocesan priest. Understanding a vocation is anything but easy, yet it is rewarding.

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I Came to Saint Joseph because...

We invite you to take a look at why our seminarians chose Saint Joseph and what they're discovering about the experience. You'll see there are different reasons that draw them here.  But the main reason is that Jesus Christ has invited them to discern their vocation, to see if God is calling them to serve the Church one day as Catholic priests. 

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