Saint Joseph College Seminary


Seminary life

Saint Joseph College Seminary is a Catholic faith community where college-age men come together to grow in their lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.  While actively discerning a call to the priesthood, our seminarians participate in the campus life of Loyola University Chicago.  It is a wonderful environment centered on faith, prayer, community, and fellowship.

Daily the community comes together in the celebration of Mass, the sharing of meals, recreation, and classwork.  The main focus of the seminary community is to help foster a deep sense of prayer and form the students into mature and holy Catholic men.  The entire seminary program is built around supporting and encouraging of one another in attaining this goal.

As part of the seminary program, all the seminarians spend time in formation, which involves four principal  areas, or pillars, of emphasis:  human – developing healthy habits, good relationships with others, and an overall sense of maturity; intellectual – learning about the Church and its teachings while pursuing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy; spiritual – developing a sense and routine of daily personal and communal prayer, centered on the Eucharist and daily Mass, while being guided by a spiritual director; pastoral – learning to give of oneself in order that others may have life, which may include teaching weekly CCD classes, working in soup kitchens and food pantries, as well as ministering to the sick and homebound.

Engaging in the broader university community is an essential component of the seminary program.  Many of the seminarians get involved in various campus groups and activities, from intramural sports to campus ministry to leading retreats.  A rich and varied college experience awaits all those who pass through the doors of Saint Joseph College Seminary.