Saint Joseph College Seminary
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Financial Aid


Our financial aid program is very unique and tailored to each individual seminarian. The purpose of our financial aid program is to make sure that the cost of education never gets in the way of a genuine vocation. We are able to offer 100% of our seminarians a 40% discount from Loyola University Chicago’s standard tuition rate.

Our Financial Aid Office is able to help families on an individual basis to prepare an estimate of costs. This will be based on what the applicant is eligible to receive in government aid, the family’s ability to contribute, and additional grant support from the Archdiocese of Chicago (for those applicants sponsored by the Archdiocese). To accomplish the goals of our financial aid program, we require all our seminarians to complete FAFSA each year they are with us. We try very hard to help all families who are able to disclose and demonstrate financial need.

The cost of tuition, room and board, and fees at Saint Joseph College Seminary for the 2016-2017 academic year is:

This is before any government aid or scholarships are applied. We encourage all applicants to talk with us so that we can explain all the aid that is available and provide estimates to help with planning and decision making. It’s worth talking with us to estimate your family contribution before coming to any decisions. It can often be a confusing process, so talking it through, and obtaining an estimate may help answer your questions and concerns and ensure that all avenues for help are explored.

In addition to government and in-house aid, we encourage every seminarian to explore private scholarships to help subsidize his education. There are many resources available online to assist in this process.