Saint Joseph College Seminary

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago

Since 1968, the college seminary system of Chicago has had a wonderful and fruitful relationship with Loyola University Chicago.  Generations of priests throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago and beyond have benefited from the education and formation that Loyola University offers.  While seminarians receive their formation, apostolate assignments, community life and spiritual development at Saint Joseph College Seminary, the seminary's affiliation with Loyola, Chicago's Jesuit University is a crucial connection. 

In partnering with Loyola University Chicago, our seminarians are able to receive a quality education as well as experience life at a major urban university.  Our seminarians mingle with other university students on campus and are able to develop friendships, experience a wide array of diversity, and become involved in the life of the university.  Many will join various campus groups and ministries, from the pro-life organizations and campus ministry to more social activities, such as intramural sports leagues. 

The relationship has been very beneficial for both sides.  It is wonderful to have young men discerning the priesthood being present at Loyola.  It provides a public face to the work we do at the seminary, and it helps introduce the university students, staff, faculty, guests, and family members to the seminarians.  The possibilities this interaction provides for growth are immense.  Many individuals are able to witness the seminarians seeking to grow in love with Christ and to share that relationship with others.  It helps others to see that God calls all of us to serve in one way or another.  In one sense, it shows the humanity of the seminarians.  Many begin to realize that the seminarians are young Catholic men who bring varied personalities and interests and gifts to the university.

In the cooperation between Loyola University Chicago and Saint Joseph College Seminary, we see a vibrant Catholic university, nestled along Lake Michigan in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, working in conjunction with the seminary to build up vocations, train potential future priests, and provide a rich and varied educational experience.  This wonderful relationship continues to bear abundant fruits not only for Loyola University Chicago and Saint Joseph College Seminary, but also for the wider community.


Authentic College Experience

Saint Joseph College Seminary provides its students with a complete and authentic college experience. In addition to living in the heart of Loyola University Chicago’s Lakeshore Campus, seminarians at Saint Joseph College Seminary spend the majority of their class time in Loyola’s classrooms, interacting and engaging with students from all walks of life.


Like all college students, Saint Joseph College Seminarians will learn about themselves as they learn about the world. Seminarians are encouraged to make friends beyond Saint Joseph College Seminary; both on-campus and off-campus. They are encouraged to invite friends to visit the seminary, to study or hang out, and to even come for Mass.  Saint Joseph College Seminarians will develop friendships with fellow seminarians and Loyola Chicago students that can last a life time.


Residing at Saint Joseph College Seminary is a unique part of the college seminary experience that is integral part of the formation of a seminarian. By living in community with other young men who are asking the same questions, Saint Joseph seminarians gain an awareness of the vocation stories of the others and learn how the different personalities of their brothers contribute to how they approach discernment. As they live together, share meals, attend Mass together, and engage in communal prayer, seminarians help each other to affirm why they are here.

Seminarians have complete access to the Halas Sports Center where they participate in intramural sports, work out, and at times pick-up an informal basketball or soccer game with other Loyola Chicago students. They participate in student groups like the Right to Life group, cultural heritage groups, and the Loyola Phoenix student newspaper.  They attend lectures, Loyola Ramblers basketball and volleyball games, and attend other Loyola Chicago student events.  On weekends, seminarians hang out with friends, go to movies, eat out, study, explore Chicago, enjoy Lake Michigan, and get to know their brother seminarians and other students on campus.